Revell AG or Revell/Monogram F-15E Strike Eagle - are these 2 kits from the same moulds? Pls read inside:

I want to buy this kit - in 1/48 scale - however the Revell AG kit is
much more expensive than the Revell-monogram.
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Are these 2 kits from the same moulds? Thanks for any info offered.
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Yes, they are the same kit, except for the decals. Also there is a Revell-Monogram ProModeler boxing that includes added weapons (the base Revell and Revell Germany kits only come with Sidewinders and tanks).
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Dave Williams
FWIW Any time a Revell or Monogram mold gets re-popped from Revell, Germany it costs more. Some kind of law of nature i guess.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey

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