Revell box sale AC, Bill, got your ears on?

HI Bill I tried the addy in your return line but I guess it isn't a real one :-) shoot me a line from mine. OH and could I borrow some of those nondescript planes? They might be Furys, Cutlasses or ? My neighbor described one AC that sounded like a Cutlass. Odd but that means he was aboard pretty early in the Nam era. Besides, you never know who is looking for some of these things. I think it is a shame Revell folded all the F7-U and Cougar wings

-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH

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Chuck Ryan
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There definitely are Cutlasses, all with folded wings. I used to have one that wasn't but since I don't see it here it must have gone with one of the carriers I sold. I see a couple of A-4s, one Fury with a broken wing and one of those indistinct aircraft. It has a nose similar to an F-8 but it's smaller than the Cutlasses. There is also a Cougar with wings down. I'll gladly send you the whole bunch as there are a few small ship parts in there too. Maybe there's something you can use.

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Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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