Santa Was NICE this year......

Now that all the gift wrap has been carted off, I can spend some time with my presents! Got four interesting books this year: (A) German Aircraft Cockpits,

1911-1970 (B) A book on the FW Treibflugel, (C) A BIG Book on WWI Italian Aces, and (D) Schiffer's "The Republic F-105 Thunderchief Wing and Squadron Histories".

Lottsa reading!

So how did Santa treat you??


Rick Fluke

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santa brought me the indiana jones dvd set(to watch while paint dries),a coffee table book on modern jets,and 8 or 9 of my favorite 1/72 kits.Already finished a couple of them! A pin up art calendar(not Vargas,but what the hell...) oh yeah...lots and lots of clothes...I now own about 30 pairs of gray socks lol

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Nice! My wife went the other way, picked up several dvd sets. Civil War by Burns. The World at War dvd, I wanted that for years now finally have it yes. And the grand salami an Aztek 4709 airbrush! Now that my carpal tunnel seems to be in remission I can get back to models.


No computers were harmed while composing this post.

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got nothing

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what about that sack of coal you can't burn?

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Roger Freeman's The Mighty Eighth War Manual and the Corgi Blackburn Buckaneer in the stunning drak grey over light grey paint scheme.

Also bought two more Hallmark airplane ornaments from a local collector and the latest from Hallmark. These are beautiful little models.

Lynne took me to the train show yesterday and picked up a N gauge Life-Like

0-6-0 steam switch engine and some Hongwell cars. A set of six Cooper minis in various racing schemes and a cooper mini towing a caravan that it could easilly park in. Diecast, all to 1/72 scale with fantastic detail. Oh, and a N gauge gas station and a Hongwell Jeep CJ2A. Think I'll pick up a few more of those for conversions.

Very sorry to see that "got nothing" may your lot in modeling life improve greatly and quickly.


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A book on British piston aero engines, a gift certificate to the hobby shop, and a passle of mad money.

Mark Schynert

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Mark Schynert

Two books, The Wrong Stuff and something about airpower (both signed by the authors), some clothes and the family joke of underwear from my mom. Brother gave me a Borders gift card. Wife gave me "get whatever big ship model you want" card.....I gave her a DVD player and slew of DVD's.....Indiana Jones, Man with No Name trilogy, Oh Brother Where Art thou and South Park season 1.....we laughed ourselves stupid today watching it.

Big ship model means a 1/350 injected BB or CV and the PE or any resin

1/350 what do I want? Got a Hornet and Yorktown II, got a Bismark, South Dakota and NJ.....maybe a Missouri......have two Northampton class cruisers, could use another Atlanta/Oakland class or just about any other cruiser long as it isn't an ISW kit......hmmmmmm.......any ideas?
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New tools from the missus, flannel shirts from one daughter and HC/Trumpeter

1/32 Wildcat from my sons. I could/should count all the pre-season shopping at the Cincy and Louisville shows I guess but better mention Secret Santa for trading the Trumpeter F-105 to my wife for the tank transport, thanks :-)

Hey Jules, shouldn't you count all your pre-season stuff, too? How many auto kits *did* you get just before the 25th?

-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH

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Charles Ryan


Ones i bought myself a few, off other people nothing, dropped hints to my chick for ages but shes says its stupid, silly, takes up too much room, i ought to grow up, im 32 not 12, im a man, i out to spend my money on the house...............

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It wasn't a huge year for plastic this year but I did get a 1/48 scale Tamiya P-47 bubbletop and a promise to get me some of the Eagle Editions resin parts for the 1/32 scale Fw-190D that I have on my projects list for next year.

I did, however, get some other really nice things: Two really nice James Dietz aviation prints (one signed by Joe Foss and three other Guadalcanal Marine pilots), two books that look very interesting, and a couple shirts that I had wanted from Lands End, and some other smaller things. It was a good Christmas for me thin year.

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Bill Woodier

New Audi TT V6 DSG roadster, bright yellow. Scale: 1 to 1. Wow!

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Charles Fox

"If your girfriend laughs at your tie, don't take it personally...get a new tie, or get a new girlfriend"...

Time for a change, Julian...I've been wanting to build a chopper for some time - so mine got me the Franklin Mint diecast of the Captain America chopper from Easy Rider. That's almost a model...

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Reminds me of a joke from the southern US.

It seems this fisherman had become lonely and was in search of a wife. He placed the following ad in the PERSONALS section of his local newspaper.

Single, reasonably good-looking middle-aged man who loves fishing seeks middle-aged single woman, reasonably attractive who owns a boat. Send photo of boat.


With a few changes, this would apply to us model builders.

Ed "The French couldn't hate us any more unless we helped 'em out in another war." --Will Rogers

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