Shackletons again, sort of OT-

Some of you might have read my earlier post about wanting to score a Modelcraft or RoG Shackleton, because I have a thing for contrarotating propellers. We were at Home Depot, scoping out a new ceiling fan for the den and there it was- it's too small for my den (very big, most of a converted garage), but it has two sets of blades and it sure looks like they counterrotate. Gotta figure where that baby is going to go- I can't help myself!

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Jim Atkins
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with that many blades, it may be enough. did it have a cfm rating?

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you mean this one?:

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Steve Vernon

Self defeating I would have thought?

The purpose of a ceiling fan is to move air _around_ the room and as _quietly_ as possible. Contrarotation will cancel-out circular movement and generate extra noise as the fan blades cross each other.


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