Shizuoka Hobby Show Video at HLJ

Hello to our friends in RMS,

HobbyLink Japan is about to try something new, and I'd like to ask for the help of our modeler friends here.

Since I got back from the Shizuoka Hobby Show in mid-May, I've spent most of my time editing a video of the show, to be posted on our web site. Actually, learning about video compression codecs has also eaten up a good chunk of time...

Anyhow, I've finished the introduction and section on aircraft kits, and before I post the links on the main page of our web site (and risk blowing out our little video server), I would like to ask interested members of the RMS community to try out the new video page and tell me not only whether things work okay, but what they think of the actual content.

Again, the video that's there now covers just aircraft kits, but much more is coming. And I think you'll find the pudgy, balding guy talking to the camera to be somewhat amusing!

The URL is

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I look forward to hearing from you at

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Scott T. Hards
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What a great job you do ! You are transforming the entire industry into a new era!

Raymond Chung President

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Raymond Chung

Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but I'm thankful for your comments nonetheless, Mr. Chung!

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Scott T. Hards

Hello, friend! :-)


Things worked without any hitch whatsoever for me, and the video looks professionaly made -- kinda like an episode of Lonely Planet for the hobby-minded. And you're right; video can show some things better than still photos can. Nice to see the people behind the hobby too, even if it's only a brief "hello" to the camera.

Two thumbs up! Keep 'em coming! :-)

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John Magne Stubsveen

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