that book idea

ok how does this sound.....
pt1 Fighters, eg Migs and SUs etc etc
p2 Helos...quite a few im sure you will agree
pt3 er....well vehicles and airbases etc etc
give me some ideas!
i know a supplier for decals sheets for the markings in all 3 main scales,
as i have them and used them.
Aimd at the modeller, so shots of all the impotant parts
let me have your feedback, like i said i move out in the summer but 1 or 2
trips beforehand....
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In your Pt 3, make sure you include ground equipment and - if possible - ordnance and other stores.
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Enzo Matrix
i have access to mobile radar units, SAMs and other things....amazing things
also let me dig out the fotos i took 18 month ago of the snow blaster with a T34 engine and pop them on my site...amazing thing.
Ok i have a great pic of ground control unit trucks, fire name it i have seen it! oh and rocket pods, TERS and MERS...dont get me started...even the cool blast deflectors.
give me a few hours and i will stick a few up on my site, ok im in some of em, cos i was a tourist but let me know what you think!!
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