Trumpeter Liberty Ship O Brain

Was reading a book on liberty ships, then read the latest FSM with the
article on the Trumpeter kit. Had to order one, which I just did.
I have a couple of questions about the FSM article. The article showed
painting a PE sheet. Was this an aftermarket set, or did that sheet
come with the kit.
The article also showed aftermarket decals for Plimsol lines. Did the
kit decals not include these, or were they bad, or what? Why were
aftermarket decals used?
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Don Stauffer
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Tom's PE...personally I like GMM's better.
My kits are currently in stroage but IIRC they did not have Plimsoll marks on the sheet. Jeff's single error on the paint scheme is the bootstripe is not wide enough, can't fault him though since it does not show clearly in the photos I sent him of AK-103. The boot strip should be double the width shown with the extra being below what's there already. Commissioned USN Ak's had very wide boots due to their draft range, scaled from photos they varied from 16-20 feet wide. Be aware the kit shows the fully laden waterline and the extra boot width should added to the lower edge. The kit also represent only O'Brien which was a civil flagged ship not a commissioned USN vessel (civil flagged ships tended to have narrow boots).
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I might have to get the Trumpeter kit.
I have sailed on the John W. Brown a couple of times already :) They used to serve beer on the cruise but unfortunately they stopped that :(
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