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Hi there guys. I thought about this the other day, and couldn't come to any real conclusion about it. If this has been discussed before, please forgive me. My question is : If TSR2 had entered service with the RAF, what would they have called it? The RAF has a long tradition of using names for aircraft that the USAF calls by numbers, so does anyone have any suggestions for what it might have been named? Please don't say the Fruitbat (might have been possible!) My own feeling is that a Hawker fighter name (maybe Fury?) or a new bomber name (Vandal?) in the V-bomber series might be appropriate. Perhaps a previous T.S.R 11 prototype that went on to become the Fairey Swordfish gives a clue, although Swordfish is probably too "naval" to become a name for a RAF plane. So, any ideas, guys? Regards, Gaz

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Gaz Drummond
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I always thought of it as "Thunderstrike" as it both describes its purpose and fits roughly with its initials. Goes well with "Lightning" as well.


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The assigned name was Eagle.

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Enzo Matrix

If it had got into service, they should have called it Houdini.

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