What ever happened to Eaglewall Plastics Ltd ?

Looking through my copy of Royal Air Force Flying Review (Nov 1960) there's a two-page advert for Eaglewall Plastics Ltd and the logo is definitely the Eagle of Eagle magazine fame.

There are various series but the one in this edition is 'Sinking of the Bismark' and in the complete series there are;

German Battleship Bismark and heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen.

British Battleships - HMS Hood, HMS King George V, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Rodney.

British Aircraft Carriers-HMS Victorious, HMS Ark Royal.

HMS Dorsetshire, HMS Norfolk, HMS Suffolk.

British "Tribal" Class Destroyers - HMS Cossack, HMS Zulu, HMS Maori, HMS Sikh.

Other text on the pages states;

Other Eaglewall Battle series now available:-

Series 1. Battle of the River Plate. Series 2. Capture of the Altmark. Series 3. Battle of Narvik. Series 4. Battle of the Atlantic.

I take it that some of the moulds were bought up ?

Interesting nevertheless!


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Richard Brooks
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Pyro, certainly, reissued some of these.

Where they may have gone after that, if anywhere, I don't know.


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Bill Shatzer

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