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I've searched and searched but have found nothing worth my time.

I'm looking for a kit or someone to make a few items. I'm a munitions guy in the Air Force and would love to get my hands on some bomb or missile replicas. Not the small scale stuff in aircraft kits but just the weapons - about 12 inches long or so. These would be awesome going away gifts for the other troops who leave the shop and get stationed somewhere else. We usually give a stupid plaque or something like that. Some replicas of the stuff we work with to put on the desks would be the shiznit. What I would like to have made are any or all of the following: MK-82 bomb body AIM-9 or AIM-120 I will say this... If someone on this board can make these items around the 12 inch scale, you would be flooded with orders from AMMO troops around the world. Please let me know if you think you can tackle such a project. Either making one, a couple, or many - please let me know. Email me at lanester@cox .net If you know of any kits, let me know also.

thanks Mike

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Looks like a challenge for Dave Roof?


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Chris Hughes

Check out the model rocket area. There are a wide range of small to real large scale rockets - air2air, ground2air, etc. They probably range from a few inches long on up. There's one guy who's flying 1:1 scale Patriots out west.

For just one example Estes

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has a 15" long AGM-12D Bull Pup and a 30" long AIM-54 Phoenix.

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Jim K

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