WTB or WTT 1/32 Mavericks and MK-82s from Academy F-18 kit...

I am looking for the following weapons plus their decals from the 1/32
Academy F-18 kit:
2 each AGM-65 Mavericks:
Parts: Q8x4, Q6x4, Q25x1, Q26x1, Q27x1, Q28x1, Q29x2, Q31x2, N20x1, N21x1
Decals: M1x2, M2x2, M3x4, M4x2, M5x16, M6x2, M7x4, M8x2
4 each Mk82 bombs:
Parts: P26x8, P28x4, P29x4, P30x4, P36x1, P37x1, P38x1, P39x1, P40x1, P41x1,
P42x1, P43x1
Decals: B1x4, B2x4, B3x4
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