2004 SP1 tips

For what they are worth,
1. Your taskbar shortcut to SW2004 will no longer work (at least mine didn't
on multiple installations). Be prepared to delete it and redefine it from
the replacement shortcut that the service pack makes on your desktop when
you install. Its a bummer, but its life now with the windows installer.
2. Be VERY careful about your PWx-2 settings. When I installed Sp1, a
couple of unfortunate default settings (which I overwrote in SP0, wishing to
get on with things in a useful environment) were replaced again with those
unfortunate defaults when I installed the service pack.
In particular, the screen gamma correction (which I change to 1 so my screen
image correctly previews my render to file) gets changed back to the awful,
productivity reducing default of 1.5 (And yes, I lost a bit of time because
I set up a rendering assuming that what I previewed on a screen was
Also, the default 'scene' that most of us change from the brick background
to something appropriate for our industries jumps back to brick when SP1 is
(at least in my experience) I have learned to never make absolute
statements here because history proves that things are just quirky. But I
SWEAR it happened to me.
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Edward T Eaton
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when i rolled back to sp0 from sp1, sw created a second folder; \program files\solidworks(2), what a crock.
however, sw created a new shortcut
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kenneth b

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