3D Instant Website not working

I'm using SolidWorks OFFICE 2003, SP5.1 and I'm trying to create a
dynamic HTML of a model for my Web site. I cannot get 3D Instant
Website to continue through to completion as I have in the past (last
time I tried successfully was a while back, and I've had to reinstall
since then). I've varied the input (which model) and output options
considerably, all to no avail. I've turned off and on again the add-in,
and turned off all other add-ins with the same result. I'm trying to
publish to a local folder. The folder's name and location has been
varied also, and also with the same result. The result is this:
1) Lately Solidworks first gives me an error indicating the "An
unsupported operation was attempted", then goes on to #2. Earlier it
skipped this step and began with the 2nd step below.
2) It gives me a second error message which says "An unknown error has
occurred. Cannot continue." Then the 3D Instant Website add-in closes.
Not very helpful!!
It seems if I point to a folder location where it has to create a new
directory it DOES SO successfully, but the directory is empty.
Anybody else had this kind of problem?
Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton
WaterMark Design, LLC
Charlotte, NC
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I just created one to a Local Directory, and it worked fine for me. I never knew if you ahd to pay for the 3D Instant Website or not. I mean we paid for it in out Office version, but do you pay for it on a monthly basis too?
Mr. Pickles
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Mr. Pickles
8:51pm west coast time. just tried it , Mark. It worked for me. Super Bowl; exciting wasn't it? Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell
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Devon T. Sowell
Super bowl WAS exciting, but had the wrong outcome.
Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton Charlotte, NC
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