3rd party file translators?

Has anybody out there used formatworks or another 3rd party add-in to import better models into SW? We deal with a lot of automotive trim parts and a lot of Catia, SDRC, & iges data.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions.

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I have had imported files reworked with FormatWorks. It does a great job.

We do a lot of work for Chrysler tier 1 suppliers, so we see a lot of CATIA. Usually, we send it out for translation . They handle most native CAD formats. Given the hourly rate we use for our overhead, it's usually cheaper to outsource and get good clean files in return. The time savings in file cleanup pays for itself.

Radialsoft makes a CATIA-SW translator. I have not used the latest version. The older version drove us to use an outside source.

PS-Exchange by Delcam is a pay-per-use translator. I have not used it to translate. It does make for a great viewer. As far as I have seen, it's the only 3rd party software that handles IDEAS.

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