Adobe 3d PDF Orientation?

Just a quick one..
Has anyone else had a go with the 30 day trial of 3D Acrobat Pro and
tried converting their models and found that the orientation is all
over the place?
The problem i'm having is that you may very well be able to create
your own views to put this right, but they remember which parts you
had showing when you created them, hence if you (or someone else) is
viewing your fancy 3d pdf and they have numerous parts hidden and they
decide they want a rear view of it... they click on the rear view
you've had to create because the original 'rear' view was actually of
the bottom etc etc.. and they get the view you created with all the
parts showing???
Its really frustrating as we're close to getting the full version, but
there are just one too many things wrong with it..
Along the same lines are the 'isolate' command, where you can't just
toggle it on and off, you isolate a part/sub-assembly and then the
only way to get back to the previous view is to turn everything back
on again...
Looks nice though...
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Yes I agree....I'm in the same situation.....was close to buy it but think it's too fuzzy to use. And so far I've not been able to open SW 2008 files, has to go via XML. We already use NavisWorks for similar tasks so I think I'll stick to that for the time being. They have a free viewer as well.
// Krister
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