Considering PDM Works

Hi All,

We are considering purchasing PDM Works, and I would like to talk to some users about there experiences good and Bad.

Any Takers?

-- Keven R Roche Sr. Designer Pivotal Power Inc

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I don't think there is a noticeable improvement in large assembly or drawing loads. If you have PDMWorks place its "copy" locally, then you will see improvements in saves, since you don't have to send all that data down the network pipeline everytime.

PDMWorks is pretty cool and definetly can save some time and headache if you have multiple users, or a really bad one. Its biggest drawback to me is lack of file compression for revised files. With lots and lots of job data, and multiple revisions, you start racking up MB's quickly. Some think hard drive or server space is pretty cheap, but MIS folks don't, when they are strapped for cash.

Mr. Pickles

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Mr. Pickles

If you purchase the software make sure to get a commitment to support the transition to it. I have seen places dive into it with little expert help and then get themselves into real trouble.

Before you start, what is the problem you are trying to solve? You don't have to state it here, but I ask that for your own benefit. Do you have a real good handle on what it is you have to manage and how you have to manage it? Do you know what your revision scheme is? Do you know what kind of data you have to manage?

If you are using models with large numbers of configurations, will PDMWorks effectively deal with that? Do you have models with external references? Will PDMWorks deal well with that? Even your part numbering scheme may be part of your decision. Do you have to interface with other software?

Besides looking here, have a look at the PDMWorks forum on the SW website. That is where you will find a lot of the issues and answers type stuff since it is the only forum where someone from SW actually gets involved on a regular basis. It is a Joy to be there.

I will retiterate, when you decide to implement, make sure to get a commitment to support the transition. You may have to pay for this, but it will be worth every penny.

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"Pete Newbie" wrote in news:c8g9vc$otj$ ...

...well... I can neither confirm nor deny that what you ask for will or will not be available in a few months...

but in the mean time, you could get copies (use Open, with the "open now" switch turned off) of all the drawings, and yeah, for now you'd have to do it one by one. Then you could use the batch utility to print them. I don't know if the batch will allow you to open the drawings view only so you don't need the associated models or not, but it would be worth checking out.


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