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Hello All,

Just finishing my first project in Solidworks and I've got a ridiculously basic question. In the drawing views, when I dimension the parts I do not get a unit mark after the dimension value (ie 2.875, not 2.875"). Where is the option to turn on unit marks?

Thanks! Gareth Conner

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We just put a note in the drawing border, something along the lines of 'All dimensions in millimetres unless otherwise stated'

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What he is saying is that there is no option to turn on/off unit marks. You will have to add them manually, with the exception of feet/inch usage.

I would bet if you look at the document options for the drawing and looked under units, they are set to decimal. If they are in fact set to fraction, then the measurment is not exactly equivalent to a fraction. In this case you can turn on the option to round to the nearest fraction.

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Yes, exactly. I'm stunned that there's no way to add unit marks for decimal inches automatically.

Thanks for the response, I'll stop looking for the option if it doesn't exist!

Best regards, Gareth C> What he is saying is that there is no option to turn on/off unit marks.

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