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If I select 'New Solidworks Document' I only have the options of 'Part' or 'Assem' but not a new Drawing, it was there before :-( How do I get the option back?? If I try to open a drawing it says it is unable to open it! Is this a registry problem?? How do I fix it??

Thanx in advance! Paul

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Also look in you data templates path to see if you have a valid "Part.prtdot" file.

What is shown on the "file-new" dialogue depends on SW being able to see valid templates on the path specified under tools>system options>file locations>document templates.

Try this before playing with the registry.

If this solved the "file-new" problem, the you might need to make an association for the .slddrw extension (in explorer) to solve the not-opening problem.



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