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I have decided to take the plunge. I moved to 2005 SP4.0 and at the same time they got me a new computer (bless their heart :)

The problem is that I am getting the "Huge Bolts" issue. Is there a way to fix this and have them all be the correct size, even if I have to do it manualy.

Edit Toolbox Definition does not work, so I can't change their size ?!?!?

PS: I don't think I can get my hands on the old toolbox

Any help would be appreciated Kind Thanks George

I have looked into

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well as
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from good old Matt

Theer is also a 70 page + SW Toolbox manual I dread to go thru.

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First make sure that Toolbox & Toolbox browser addins are turned on under TOOLS --> ADDINS.

Second what is the error message you are getting when Choosing "edit Toolbox definition"? This should be the way that you fix your bolts manually. You may need to reinstall / repair your installation if this is not working.

Third you can also create a new assembly & start dragging & dropping the typical sized bolts & nuts into it & save that assembly. This should generate the actual configurations that your previous assemblies are looking for when you open them you should not get an error if you created all the different sizes. Later you can delete that temporary assembly.

fourth you should always put your common data folder on your network drive & include it in your nightly backups so that this issue of loosing your old computer & data does not happen again.

Hope that helps Steve T.

formatting link
as well as

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I have SolidWorks Toolbox and Browser installed The Edit Toolbox definition is ghosted.

Thnaks for the help, I have sort of come up with such a plan ...

man this toolbox concept is fairly warped ?!?!

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Yeah, the "huge screws", my favorite...

The problem is that your Toolbox no longer has the sizes in it that your old toolbox had, and since it uses configurations, it just uses the last saved config, which is typically something huge. If you want to read about what's wrong with Toolbox, I've got a bit of something on my website, http:\\\mjlombard, go to the Rules of Thumb area, and there are a few Toolbox links.

The way to get around it is to either get the old parts with the correct configurations or just make all the configs like the other poster said. Or better yet, turn off Toolbox, never use it again, and make your own library.

Toolbox is obviously F_CKED. I have reason to believe it may get gutted and completely reinvented soon. They know what the problem is, and have known for years, it has just been a question of getting someone up the ladder to believe the problem existed (which was not as simple a fight as you would hope) and assign it a priority for development resources. Or at least that's my interpretation of the situation, which may or may not have anything to do with reality.


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Time for the execs at SolidWorks to stop giving its customers a 'Big Screw'.


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