how to scale a drawing unidirectionally by 99.9 % ???

A new SW customer has a (expensive) plotter that enlarges drawings in
the Y direction by 0.1 %, even if this is in the plotter tolerances,
this is a problem since the plots are used for parts control through
optical profile projector.
The customer used to "cheat" his 2D cadkey drawings by shrinking them
by a 99.9% scale.
How to do this with SolidWorks ? Is there a solution without
exporting to DXF and use another tool ? Is there a way to specify
unidirectional scales in PDF ? Thanks !
Philippe Guglielmetti -
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Philippe Guglielmetti
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Doesn't setting the drawing, (or view) scale to .99 : 1 do the same thing.
Seems to work here,,, SW2005 SP0
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Mark Mossberg
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Do not forget the "_unidirectionally_ by 99.9 % "
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Jean Marc BRUN

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