Moving models using SW explorer

This may be basic but I can't find good documentation. How do you move a
file using SW explorer. We create our prototype models in our directory and
then move them to a models directory when they become official manufacturing
parts. SaveAs works ok until you have parts defined in context. Then I run
into problems. How do you move a file and replace it's references. I see
you can rename a file but it doesn't seem to allow you to move it while
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Corey Scheich
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not sure about this, but have you tried using search file locations in sw?
tools, options, system options, external references, check box for search file locations for external references.
set the file locations under tools, options, system options, file locations, referenced documents
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kenneth b
short answer, you can't move using sw explorer. use windoze
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kenneth b
There are a couple of ways to accomplish this task. I will stick with SolidWorks Explorer method as this is what you are asking for.
Open the assembly to be copied in SW Explorer RMB on the assembly name in the left hand pane and select copy Check the copy children box In the To: box change name of assembly In the Folder box: change the file location if necessary In the New name column: double click on the file name you want to change. Do this for all parts that you want a new file name. Check/Uncheck the boxes to left of filenames for parts you do or do not want included in the new assembly Click Apply
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Hello Corey- I'm a believer in SolidWorks Explorer. The more you use it, the easier it gets. I find it extremely powerful. I use it for design iterations. Check out the function "replace" to rename files quickly while you change their location folder and update their references. Send me an e-mail if you want more information. One other tip, create a "drawing" of the master assembly, even if you don't need it. Since drawings are "top level" in the hierarchy, you can copy the entire assembly and all parts using the drawing! Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell
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Devon T. Sowell

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