Older files than the ones in Vault

Didnt I see a post in here recently about this. Ive been working on a solo
project that no one else has access to. I go to check it in today and 95% of
the files say older than the ones in the vault. SWX2004....hmmmm...Jake
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Jake Barron
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"Jake Barron" wrote in news:_zTqb.24569$ snipped-for-privacy@twister.tampabay.rr.com:
stop and restart the vault service. it's a daylight saving time problem.
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That's kind of funny for us in Indiana because we see the same problem.
matt wrote:
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I had our Administrator restart the vault and it seems to have fixed that problem. THen he installed the SP1 to PDM Server and I applied SP1 to PDM Client...had a few problems adter that. I will know tomorrow when I get to spend more time on it :) Thanks for the help. Jake Barron
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Jake Barron

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