Re: Hardware questions.. AMD vs intel for graphics..and new intel 'atomic chip'

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the generator as much. New laptops Im told should get 60 hours run
> time on the battery shortly.
any comments on intels
new 'atomic' cpu?
60 hours? I would not bet seing that in the next 2 years. Could be on fuel
Atom is a low wattage, (rather) low perf processor. I believe there are low
wattage core2, and that they are the fastest at this time.
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Jean Marc
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Don't believe it. The differences between AMD and Intel are more like 10% than 300%
I don't know enough about animation to say where your bottleneck lies. Generally speaking, the CPU is liable to limit you on rebuilds and the graphics card is going to limit you on drawing the pixels to the screen
Don't believe that either. There haven't been any big breakthroughs in battery technology that would allow such run times. As Jean Marc said, perhaps fuel cells in a few years.
There are several things you need to pay attention to. The CPU is important for rebuilds, the graphics card is important when you are spinning the parts around (unless you work with edges shown, when the CPU has to calculate edges and will probably limit you), having enough RAM is important to make sure you don't start swapping in and out of virtual memory.
Jerry Steiger
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Jerry Steiger
Hey banquer, you're such a loser posting now as "phil scott". Why don't you get a life?
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