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We do have (have had) equivalent functionality in SolidWorks. In an assembly we have mate folders underneath each component. If you click on the mate for that component, it highlights the mates graphically in the SW Window. Additionally, with SW 2008, we have MateXpert which allows you to diagnosis the problem and suppress, delete, reorder to resolve the mate condition. Thirdly, there are the Parent/child Dialog for part features. Granted, we can always do a better job and we are working to do better. The main distinction between us and WildFire is that they show two separated views of the mate/reference etc. for comparison's sake. Perhaps the blessing (and the curse) of Wildfire assemblies is that they are history based (this was true in WF2, I don't know about WF4)

- that is, you build WF assemblies like you build WF parts or SW parts. That, perhaps, make diagnosing them easier than SW. The big drawback (the curse), of course, is that you can not see your other child component in context of editing a parent mate - as well as severally limit dynamic motion capability etc. That was always a real problem I experience when using Pro. Like I said, I don't know if that is still true, they might have freed up that limitation.



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Your reply is sincere and informative.

wittle'jon wittle'jon on the other hand, simply posts a topic where he can get some or any attention to his bizarro criticisms. Although he sounds as if he has vast experience in the CAD world, he doesn't, he's a demo software jockey.

He'll sucker you into what you may think is a intellegent conversation about a CAD package, particurally Solidworks, then from out from the left begin flaming you because you didn't agree or you disagree over something really stupid, like the conformation corner icon is the wrong shade of green and red.

Do youself a favor and don't feed his childish adult ego, that is all he's looking for. I'm sure it will merely minutes before wittle'jon wittle'jon lashs out at this reply. But it won't be the first, nor the last I'm sure. I just laugh it off and feel sorry for him.


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Grow up little man. Quit reading those CAD Comics. Don't cross post your senseless drivel.

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