Has anyone here ever received royalties for their work? What process
is involved to do this effectively from an designer standpoint? I'd
like to learn as much as possible without the need for an attorney.
Any advice or suggestions?
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The first thing you need is a contract that states you get royalties. Without that, you got nothing.
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MT, Yes, I receive royalties for some of my product designs. Initially I had a lawyer draw up the contract, but now write my own using it as a basis. Amazon has a good book that has a step by step guide to licencing contracts that you can use to write your own and adapt it to your situation:
Licensing Art and Design: A Professional's Guide to Licensing and Royalty Agreements (Paperback) by Caryn R. Leland (Author)
Good Luck, Cindy
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Thanks...I'll need to order the book. It sounds like exactly what I need.
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