Hi everyone, I have been detached for a while from the group but I am back now. Anyone have some good resources or ideas about setting up standard drafting and modeling practices. I have some good info from SW world but I am just lookin to get some more ideas. '


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Hey, thestew, try the Genium Drafting Manual:

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(Genium was part of GE).

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If you are in the North America, you can purchase ASME Y14.100 (Umbrella Standard), ASME Y14.41 (Solid Model standard), ASME Y14.5M (Tol & Dims), and any other ASME's for Engineering Drawings. Suppliment with something like Drafting Zone's manual for reference.

Beyond that, any SOP you write can simply state to confirm to these standards, and to list any exceptions to the standards for your organization.

As far as modelling practices, you'll have to set that up based on the requirements of your type of business. There's no one-size-fits-all method for good modelling practices. Here's some sites you can use to get some ideas:

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I wouldn't make the modelling practices an absolute requirement, but a guidebook.

Establish a standard installation set up for SolidWorks. Include pointing file locations to a standard network location for templates, formats, hole callout methods, macros etc; Also set up standard keyboard shortcuts.

Finally, set up a file management SOP that sets the rules and methods for file management.

Hope this helps!

Matt Lorono

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