Starting SW without Add-Ins - My Bad

I just went to select an Add-In during a SW2007 session when I
accidently selected a Vista version instead of my machines' XP
version. (They were beside each other and I "clicked" a little bit too
SW then crashed to desktop.
Now, every time I start SW2007 it crashes.
Any suggestions on how I start the application in "Safe Mode" so that
I can disable the obviously wrong Add-In.
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I'm sure there's a command line switch, but I don't know it. How about finding the .dll for the add-in and rename it temporarily. IIRC, that will force it to unselect. You might be able to find something in the registry too.
That's all the ideas I have. Good luck.
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Dale Dunn
in the registry. it's at \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks \AddInsStartup it's a bit tricky to find which key corresponds to a given addin, but setting every REG_DWORD to 0 will do what you want
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Philippe Guglielmetti
Thanks for the suggestion.
I ended up renaming the application folders prior to starting SW. Application couldn't find folders it needed and SW was able to start. Renamed folders and then selected proper add-in.
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