sw2005 not working

I install sw2005 it work fine for a few weeks, Then it stop working and I get a massege "This version of sw has not been commissioned properly" re installing dont solve it. Has anyone else run into this? Thanks.

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Wow, that sux.

You've either got a pre-release/beta/alpha version or you tried to install it without registering it properly.

The people you bought it from should be more than happy to get you the correct registration information and support you in your use of the product.

If that doesn't work, try entering this universal code for cracked software:


Happy trails.

"ilan-el" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@news.bezeqint.net:

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"This version of sw has not been commissioned properly"

The above message is saying that it's looking for a dongle security device.

This message will happen if your language setting in Windows mistakenly gets changed. My kids have done this before. For example let's pretend you are in America or another country where a dongle security device is not required. Many countries in the world do require a dongle security device. If the language setting in your computer gets changed to a country that requires a dongle you will get that message. You need to go into control panel and find the "regional and language options" and verify the language setting. I'm about 100% sure you will find that has been changed.

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