SWX2004 Observations

BUMMER!!!!!!!!! Weldments look nice, BUT one limitation is that the path segments MUST BE LINEAR.
This would be much more useful for space-frames (like go-carts or racing cars) if the path segments could be curved for bent tubing sections.
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Arlin Sandbulte
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Is it just me, or does the new CommandManager resemble ProE's good old
Menu Manager??? Not sure how I feel about the CommandManager yet. It
will take some time and some customization before I begin to like it, if
ever. I do see how it has the potential to save a lot of screen
BOMs: Well I certainly think this is a BIG step in the right direction.
Now, it is possible to override cell parametric contents by just double
clicking it and entering whatever you want (24in, for example). Also, I
like the ability to exclude items from the BOM under component
properties. A couple things I DON"T LIKE: if you sort the BOM, every
time it changes you need to MANUALLY sort it again. I want a setting so
that the BOM always remains sorted by part number, with item #s always
in sequential order. Also, I still feel the BOM data should be stored
and manipulated in the ASSEMBLY, not in the drawing. It should only be
shown & formatted in the drawing.
Limit Mates: VERY COOL. My only complaint is that a "normal" mate
cannot move the limit mate. Example: In an assembly with a door, apply
a limit mate to limit the door to being closed (0deg) or open (90deg).
Next apply a NEW angle mate that places the door at 30deg. This caused
an error when I tried it. IMO, it should only cause an error if the
second mate is outside the limit mate's limits. ):-S Comprende??
Fit Splines: NOW PARAMETRIC!!!!! Need I say more??... well I will
anyway; they can also fill gaps between the original entities!! Could
be an EXTREMELY nice spline manipulation tool.
Loft & Sweep Knitability improved: Does this mean that many of Ed
Eaton's augments of using surfaces instead of solids due to accuracy
issues are now a moot point? Just wondering what this means. I don't
do much curvy stuff.
Weldments: Have not toyed with it yet, but looks interesting for space-
frame design. 'Weldments' seem like such a limiting name to a feature
that could have far more encompassing usefulnesss...maybe not.
Well, that is some of the highlights that jumped out at me during the
short time I played with 2004. I am sure to fine other things I am
excited about.
Other comments welcome. Please do not turn this thread into a 'They
broke it; made it worse; what a POS' flame war. State your opinion and
remain civilized and open minded, please.
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The limits mate seems the most intriguing to me so far. The BOM stuff I haven't had enough time to create a template with "Description" in it. Anyone else do it yet? Send it to me? More serious time needed there.
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Wayne Tiffany
in the assy, each part has a little folder in the feature manager that is labeled 'mates'. awesome. bob z. loves it.
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bob zee
the 'task scheduler' is very cool !!
now we can clone ourselves when away and perform all those mundane type functions.
we have Solidworks Office here BUT this new 'Task Scheduler' may not be available in the basic package . . . get the Office add-ins; it worth the extra expense . . .
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Navy Diver

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