To those running SAMBA servers:


I've got a couple of questions for those of you running linux/SAMBA servers for SW files:

-What filesystem(s) do you use for the samba partition (Some kind of journaling FS, I assume)?

-Any special tweaks to the smb.conf file to increase speed? (ie: disable support for 8.3 filenames for older win clients)

-Have you played with block sizes, i-node settings, etc?

-Anything else?

thanks, nick e.

(server will be mandrake9.1 (or 9.2))

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Nick E.
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I pretty much run with defaults. EXT3 partitions.

I would like to figure out how to get pdmvault service to run >

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I run a EXT3 file system w/ no tweaks done to the smb.conf file. Basically just a "standard" config and it has worked well.

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ext3 runs nice.

samba is far faster than my 100mbit/s network cards.

defaults usually are fine.

none, but please don't use mandrake. for servers, you *SHOULD REALLY* move to slackware or debian.


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Gianni Rondinini

Gianni Rondinini quipped:

what's that phrase dogbert uses?

oh yeah.



you know, i use it at home and know it, so it'll be ok.

besides for servers, you're supposed to use BSD. :-P

-nick e.

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Nick E.

i love dogbert... unfortunately it's not that common here in italy and i have to google the net to find something...

this would be the best solution, but while slackware may probably be installed by almost anybody, setting up a netbsd --don't tell me of freebsd, please :P-- server is a little bit trickier. and often in work environment you don't have the 20 minutes netbsd requires more than linux to be set up.

the other thing is that having a journaled file system in netbsd is not as straight forward as in linux and i'd highly recommend to use one on production servers.

bofh-regards ;)

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Gianni Rondinini

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