1924 Alton Limited paint scheme

Can anyone confirm the colors of the C&A Alco Pacifcs used on the 1924
edition of the Chicago - St. Louis "Alton Limited"? Dubin states the cars
were maroon with red doors and red window posts, aluminum roofs and black
underbodies. I seem to recall a color picture of the train that showed the
loco with a maroon cab and tender, but this may have been a picture of the
Rivarossi model which may not have been 100% accurate. Was there any red
on the loco/tender? What color was the boiler jacket? What color were the
domes? Gary Q
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Working from a prototype photo and some notes:
Boiler jacket: black, Dupont 279-2128
Domes: red, Dupont 2460 w/ gold striping. Near the base on the sand dome, near the top on the steam dome.
Smokebox & stack: Russia iron or graphite
Cylinders and frame/running gear: black
Cylinder wrapper: maroon, Dupont 2336 head covers: red
Libricator: aluminum
Leading wheels: black, w/ white-aluminum rims
Cab roof: black
Cab upper side: red to bottom of window lower side: maroon Bottom 2": white-aluminum
Walkway edge: white-aluminum
Drivers: black w/ white-aluminum rim,. wheel centers
Firebox: Russia iron/graphite below walkway
Trailing truck: Cole type, black -----------------------------------------
Frame/running gear: black
Top and wing walls: black
Coal box: black
Side: (vertical surfaces only) maroon
Ribbit...... ........F>
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OUTSTANDING!! Thank you very much! Gary Q
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