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Hi all New at this!! First time install of a decoder (4 function) into a Hornby Black 5 went great.. I have also installed a smoke unit and need to connect it to one of the available 2 cables and the blue (common) cable. My question is: do I cut the blue cable at the decoder end, or the plug end? Thanks in advance Rob

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I can answer that question, but first I need to know what kind of decoder you are using and what you mean by "Decoder end" and "Plug end"

I am thinking that you do not have to cut any of the wires in the wiring harness, especially if it has a socket on one end for the decoder and a plug on the other for the circuit board.

The green wire is f 1 and the violet wire is f 2 which is momentary.* Attach the green wire to the smoke generator and run a jumper wire from the other smoke generator wire to the blue wire attachment point on the circuit board. The blue is the common B+ voltage source for all functions. this voltage comes out of the decoder, to the load via the blue wire. The green, violet, white and yellow wires are sink, or ground, return paths.

  • f 2 can be made latching by touching the throttle knob while holding the f 2 button depressed.


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