[ebay] Who would have guessed Rathburne

was an eBay seller?
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Dont Know My Name
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this is worse than what I have to deal with at school... with all of the immature 14-18 year olds saying "yeah, your mom" and something about last night... big deal, who cares, he might be a pain to you, and to others, but take it off group please, I'd MUCH prefer you to have posted something worth at least a moment of my time over this
The state of this group is decaying, I would certainly like to bring it back to the way it once was, without all the bickering like cynical 12 year olds...
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Some here say I have already had one so this can't be me.
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Gee Rathy, you don't have to sell your trains for a lobotomy! I'm sure there are some folks right here that would gladly donate money for the cause! :-) ----->----->-----> (passing the collection plate)----->-----> to Jerry
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Can you tell from this photo of Rathburne whether he has had a lobotomoy or not? He is the second from the right, the guy standing behind the other fellow.
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Hi Oh Silver Away!
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