For N-scale newbies like me researching passenger engines

This has been an interesting week reasearching the different rail lines
and passenger and extra (friehgt) locos used by the various RRs during
various eras with an eye toward getting it all at least acceptably right
if you're not one of those incredibly intense RR modeling buffs who want
to get everything on their models down to the number of rivets on a car
100% matching the real-world car(s). Which you won't hardly be able to
do buying off the shelf or the Web from the major suppliers; for that
kinda incredible anal retentiveness, you've basically got to scratch
build or kitbash more than a reasonable human being should, then
meticulously match paint to the protos themselves, and then etc. and
etc. And even if you do that, sooner or later you'll run across an
incredible more anal RR buff who will find some sort of increbily arcane
fault with your best efforts.
So far, I've found a really good resource for new people trying to get
their period passenger engines and associated consists available from a
few of the major companies for the more popular and easier to model
passenger lines west of Chicago acceptably right. I found the site at
formatting link
to be a huge help.
But even there, don't expect total accuracy in every single case. I'm
getting the impression that there isn't a major model company under the
sun who has either the means, the ability, or the need to get every
single detail on every car/loco to match the real-world proto 100% right
down to every minute detail.
Besides, in the whole scope of RR modeling, you'll impress more people
and have more incredible fun putting together an incredibly kick-ass
layout and weathering your locos and freight cars and structures than
you would worrying about whether that coach or sleeper car has that one
window on that one side of the real-world proto out of place or just
plain missing entirely.
Don't worry. Be happy.
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If this post is an example of your "best efforts", then it wouldn't be hard to find fault with them.
No, don't. I rather doubt the AT&SF hauled many WW2 troop trains with USRA heavy 2-8-2s, for example.
And that impression would be wrong.
Be lazy, be slack, why even bother researching a prototype, that's just incredibly anal. Just make it up as you go along.
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Mark Newton

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