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Hi All,

I have an O scale loco that appears to be a Southern PS4 made by Williams. Here is a link to photos-

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I can't find any info about the company. If any has an idea of value and where I can find out more information. We found this in an old box of things from my Grandfathers estate and there is no tender to be found. Any idea where I might start looking for one or what manufacturer would have a suitable replacement?

I also just noticed that the box it came in had a small label " Locomotive Workshop- Englishtown NJ" if the helps....

Thanks for the help.

John P.

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Williams Electric Trains are well known within the 3 rail fraternity. The original owner has recently sold the company to Bachman :

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Williams are best known for reproducing Lionel trains from the post war era, and are extremely popular. No modern electronics, just good, solid models. I have several.

Can't answer your specific query, unfortunately, but may be worth browsing eBay - there is a Williams category under 0 gauge.

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Looks like it may be Brass. Williams produces tinplate, AFAIK. Do you have any local hobby shops or clubs that might help?

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I don't do movies as there is no bandwidth where I am. Thus you video of the loco running (I suspect) doesn't coem through. If the loco is brass shell then it is indeed a Locomotive Workshop loco. Brass loco importers are all over the place with some lasting for a long time while others just bring in a few locos and die off. As to any parts, let me put it simply in that with most locos that are imported, there are no spare parts at all. You can find detail parts but that doesn't mecessarily mean that the importer specified that part when the loco was assembled. Basically yhou can cons9der ht loc o to be a one off maybe 25 locos (a common lot isxe) and there is no real value in such a build size.

-- Bob May

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Bob May

Williams also made the same engine in tinplate (Lionel) and scale. Main difference being the drivers and wheels. As best as I can see this looks to be scale with means you can't run it on Lionel tinplate track. Check ebay but make sure you understand the differences between tinplate and scale. They are not unchangeable however if you are hunting for a tender you might get a tinplate one and change the trucks.

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