Kato Shells

Before I strip down 4 UP shells to paint.....................

If theres anyone wanting to swap their shells for these I'll be happy to do so.

I'm about to strip 1 GP and 3 SD's.

Let me know soon before I get the brake fluid out.

I would hate to strip them down only to find someone else looking for them.


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the OTHER Mike
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These are HO

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the OTHER Mike

brake fluid?

sorry... new to the hobby

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Schumway spake thus:

Yep; that's the stuff a lot of us use to strip paint from plastic. Works well, is cheap, doesn't harm the plastic.

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David Nebenzahl

I'd be careful with brake fluid on a Kato shell...If I remember correctly, I've heard it makes the plastic brittle. It does work on some other brands though (it stripped a Bachmann BQ23-7 shell almost perfectly)

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