Life-Like N scale SW8 - what can be done to improve performance?

I've got a Life-Like Proto-N SW8 switcher, and I was wondering what could be
done to improve the slow-speed performace of this locomotive. Any ideas
would be appreciated.
Thanking you,
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Danny TB
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Could you describe the mechanism and electrical pickup methods? The only familiarity I have with N gauge mechanisms is with the 1970s Bachmann HO GP30. :)
Does it have a flat-side motor, fixed worms, swiveling trucks, and wipers on metal wheels, or what?
Cordially yours: Gerard P.
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A DCC decoder with back EMF control such as offered by Lenz will help. I have done this to my SW8. The Life Like Decoders are very small and can be placed in the cab.
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Sorry I did not take a photo with the top off and getting the top off is not trivial once all the stuff and tap is crammed in there.
Ken Harstine
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Ken Harstine
Hi There I also have the Life Like SW8 N scale switcher, havent realy needed to do anything to improve it, the slow running performance is first class, if you have a problem with yours I hope you can sort it out.
Dave Downunder.
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