Looking for layout designer....

Can anyone steer me in the direction of someone who can design a small N Guage layout for me? He doesn't have to build it. All I'm looking for is someone to design something rather simple to my rather easy specifications. And, most important, someone who's not going to charge me next year's salary to do so.


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I don't know what he charges, but maybe Don Cardiff can do something for you. He used to drop in here on r.m.r once in a while.

I've never dealt with him other than at a "garage sale" he had years ago when he was still in Geneva I think. Some of the layouts he had in his shop at the time looked pretty nice...

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HTH, Stevert

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Ask TOMike...

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Big Rich Soprano

Andy R.:

I like designing layouts - what are your specifications?

Cordially yours: Gerard P.

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