Looking for MR article from 1962

... "you're hung up on some clown from the *Sixties*, man!"

So, in a previous episode (thread titled "More nostalgic searches: 4x4 MR layout", someone kindly suggested that what I was looking for was in an article in the August '62 issue of MR, describing a layout called the Grey Burro Lines.

Does anyone by any chance happen to have this issue? And if so, would you be willing to scan or photocopy this article?

Or if it's available in some on-line archive, that would be just as good. (There used to be a pretty complete archive of all the major model RR mags; anyone remember this and know what happened to it?)

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David Nebenzahl
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I believe that I have the aug 62 issue. If you email me your address, I will copy it and mail it to you.

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Frank Rosenbaum

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