November 3, 2005 Report. 1000+ Missouri Railroad Depots. Finally hit the big 1 0 0 0

Hi All
This time, I have about 25 more photos. I think it?s a good group.

I had another new contributor this time. John Dennis sent me two
special ones. Welcome John and Thanks. Bill Bunch and Craig Meador
are represented here again.
Well, it took me almost a year and half to do it, but with all 44 of
you that have contributed to my site, I?ve been able to hit 1000. I
couldn?t have done it without you. Long time coming, but by no means
finished. I see several more hundred in the future of the web site. I
don?t have all of them now, but I think they are out there. I do
believe 1500 is reachable if I can hold out and not wear out my PC.
Will I ever hit 2000? I can see it now, as I push my walker ahead of
me to my computer room saying, "I sure would like to hit 2000!"

Stay Tuned, lots more to come.
Jack Forbes
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Jack Forbes
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