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I Just obtained an HO Rivarossi AC-4 Cab Forward engine from an old collection and am having trouble taking it apart. Does anyone have a diagram showing how to separate the body from the chassis and motor drive system. I've tried the Rivarossi site and it is under construction at the moment This engine has been sitting in a box wrapped in paper since 1982 and there is a lot of dirt on the drivers and gears. I want to give it a good cleaning and a lube job. Ralph

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Ralph Renzetti
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1) remove the handrails on the sides of the cab doors - pull out the top ends of the wire handrails from the plastic cab and then unhook the bottom from the metal cab steps 2) turn the loco up side down and remove the two screws in the deep recesses just behind the front wall of the cab 3) turn the loco right side up and pull up on the round safety valve cluster (in the center top of the boiler) to remove it - remove the screw that was hidden under the safety valves 4) pull up on the top of the rectangular Worthington feedwater heater at the top front of the smokebox ahead of the stack (oops - this is a cab forward - make that top rear and behind) to remove the top of the feedwater heater - remove the screw that was hidden underneath 5) the top half of the boiler should now come off easily, but be careful to work the cab end gently loose from the interfacing under cab parts

(By the way, my Rivarossi cab forward is numbered 4272, which would be an AC-11.)

Hope that does it for you. Gary Q

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I have one that was wrapped up since the late 60s that I opened up and cleaned a couple of years ago.

As I recall the boiler splits into a top and bottom part. When you get the top off, you can see the motor and drive shafts. They're attached to a cast metal weight/frame. I believe the wheel assemblies are screwed on from above, through the weight.

I think the top and bottom of the boiler are screwed together. I don't remember where the screws are, but I don't think there was anything tricky about finding them, but one may be hidden under a squareish dome - you need to pry the top off to get at it. (Or I may be remembering something else.)

If you don't get any better answers, e-mail me. Since I don't do much with HO I wrapped the engine up again. If I can remember where I put it maybe I can see how I got it apart.

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