I enjoyed the prototype pictures and noted the ballast and siding track dirt. I look at things from a different perspective than some and realized I have those colors. This is the CN railroad, but could be used for a free lance line. The rock on the mainline is very close to my #130-2 Northern Pacific ballast and the sidings are like my #1030 Black Cinder Powder that is also used for Asphalt Paving Material.

Look at the ties where the jointer plate is being replaced. The wood is very splintered and the ties are brown. I have a pigment for this, but don't sell it as of yet.

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Ballast color depends upon where the rocks are from. The railroads usually have a gravel pit nearby the area of the track so different colors will happen in different parts of the railroad. Ties are almost black when brand new but the pitch on the tie gradually weathers out and a really old tie will eventually turn gray if it is left in long enough. Old sidings where ties often don't get replaced for many years are where you will find the older ties. as this is where the track isn't often kept up very well.

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