PSE Green (was GE Little Joe colors)

My trolling for "PSE Green" suggestions obviously failed :)
The only suggestion regarding PSE Green I can come up with is to contact
Warren Wing. He lives just south of Seattle in Allentown and has a huge
collection of Pacific Northwest railroading photos. He has published at
least three books from his photo collection that I'm aware of. He may
have a website--- I don't know his phone number. But I would think if
anyone has a photo or can describe the shade of green used by PSE, it
would be Warren. He's getting up there in years but the last I heard he
was living in the same house he was in when we interviewed him several
years ago.
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C. Marin Faure
Seattle, Washington
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C. Marin Faure
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Thanks for the reply. I saw one of Mr. Wing's presentations on the PSE ("Puget Sound Electric"- the old Seattle-Tacoma interurban, for those trying to decipher the acronym) a few years ago. I wish I'd asked him about the color then.
He doesn't seem to have a published phone number. He's listed in a few of those people search service databases, but they charge a fee for the info. They all list his age as approximately 87. So he may have actually seen PSE trains in operation and remembers the color first hand. When I saw him, he didn't look nearly old enough to have been around back when the PSE was running.
Well, I hope he's doing well, and I'll try to contact him via one of the ] historical societies he has connections with.
Thanks again- if you ever get any TT Milwaukee boxcabs, maybe our trains can meet in a model of 1920's Renton :)
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