Re: Adware scams for virus protection

Never enter your account details - delete or post to to respected company group.

Be care of spyware as some are in the form of web pages from antispyware companies infect your machine with trogans and web blockers so you can only visit their site so you have to buy their progam to delete their garbage that you may have inadvertantly downloaded with some other program.

Be careful and safe, use a firewall, virus protection, Spyware-adware program and type important or sentive URL carefully Anthony from downunder

Has anyone here recently experienced and problem with fraudulent attempt > to obtain Paypay account information? > > I was recently sent an email stating to the effect that someone had been > added to my Paypal account. I suspected that it was an attempt to obtain > my Paypal account information and I forwarded the email to Paypal. Who > responded that it was not from them. Later that day I noticed that the > site that the fraud came from was taken down from the internet. > > I bring this up here because many of the people here have Paypal accounts > and may have in the past or the future been subjected to this fraudulent > attempt to gain access to your Paypal account.. > > I believe that these attempts are currently called "phishing". > > Bill > > >
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