Taking reservations for NMRA Heritage #11

Dear NMRA collector car supporters,

As an avid Z-scaler, I was disappointed that the NMRA Heritage collector series decided to omit the Z car for the #11 issue. Not one to leave well enough alone, I decided to try and see if anything could be done about it. Surprisingly, yes, something can be done.

I have reached an agreement with Dr. Bob Chait, NMRA Collector Car Coordinator, to take reservations for the missing 11th "Z" car in the "Heritage" series.

The #11 is the Alturas & Lone Pine. Note: a photo of the HO version of this car can be found in the 'files' area of Z_Scale.

We are trying to reach 60 firm reservations at which time Dr. Chait will place the order with Micro-Trains Line. We have already received committments for 48 cars. All we need is 12 more.

If you are interested in a unique collectible piece of American "Z", I invite you to contact me to reserve your 1 or 2 cars. I will add your name to the 'Heritage#11' database on Z_Scale.

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The cost of the #11 car would be #42.00 each plus shipping and handling charges which are $5.00 U.S. and Canadian and $7.00 Foreign. The cars the NMRA produces are done as a member service. To purchase the cars you must be a member of the N.M.R.A. and sales are limited to two cars per member.

When we reach 60 confirmed orders from NMRA members, I will contact Dr. Chait and the members to inform them of payment procedures.

Tell your friends about this unique opportunity to complete the Heritage #11 set with the Z scale car. We're almost there and WE NEED YOUR HELP ;-)

Best regards, Jeffrey MacHan jmac_han @ yahoo.com Z-SIG Coordinator Chief Imagineer - Val Ease Central RR (2001 Best of Show - NMRA module contest, St. Louis, MO) Columnist - Ztrack Magazine / Bulletin "Z-Scale Rails"

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