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At the risk of seeming commercialistic, I'd like to post another plug for the latest version of our upcoming product TrainPlayer. I don't feel too bad about this, because it's a free download, and we're looking for feedback, and what better place to find feedback than a forum?

We just posted TrainPlayer 1.0.4, which has some nice new features for operating and scheduling. We equipped some of the great Westcott layouts with knowledge of where the stations are, and we provide an adjustable-scale clock, so as you drive around the layout, the program keeps track of arrival and departure times at the stations. Set the clock for some early hour, run through your daily operations, and at the end of the day you have a schedule which looks like this:

South Newark arr 05:25 AM dep 05:25 AM Heuben JC arr 05:25 AM dep 05:26 AM Murray Hill arr 05:28 AM dep 05:28 AM

We call it "schedule by driving" -- develop your schedule with a train, not a pencil.

You're invited to download a copy and take a spin:

formatting link

-- Jim

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