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As much as I agree with some of the statements I don't think you can put fault on the consumer who does not visit with IE. That would be like saying you can't come into our car wash because you drive a Honda. (kinda bad example because you could extend that onto ragtops and thus defeat my statement)
The responsibility lies with the business and the developer, not MS, not the web surfer. It was the responsibility of the business to determine their market and the resposibility of the developer to create a site to serve that market. Nobody said they had to use MS products or target IE as their standard browser.
Wait a minute... aren't layers a netscape extension? Looking back there was mention that layers was causing the problem. But looking in the code 'layers' is only variable naming for div tags, not actual layers. Sure enough, I don't see any tags and they should be client side. I don't think 'layers' are the problem. Absolute postioning in div tags, probably. Isn't that W3C compliant? If not the those specs realy need upgrading. I see netscape and macromedia and ms-excell references in that code. Interesting, macromedia code pulling content from an excell spreadsheet?. Probably could have reduced bandwith by using css and column tags.
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J Barnstorf
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Mark, you ought to go back and re-read my posts again. You're 100% wrong. I firmly blasted both 1 and 2 on your list. Don't blame browser users for the failings of those who write the website, otherwise you'd have to have every browser known to man loaded on your computer in order to see every page out there.
Does having to have multiple browsers actually make SENSE to you?
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Brian Paul Ehni
Whoa, dude, you're confused!
What I said was why not design the site to W3C specs...clearly the decision not to do that was made by the owner. That seemed understood to me...
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Cheery Littlebottom
On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 19:33:20 -0600, Mark Mathu used a derogatory version of my name previously only used by Spanky Jepperversion.
Maybe it's not the real Mark, or maybe Spanky is the real Mark - who knows?
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Steve Caple
On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 22:06:54 -0500, Cheery Littlebottom wrote in reply to Mark Mathu:
Design to W3C specs is precisely what I'd like to see. I'm not sure that the owner in this instance made the decision not to, unless he's also the web "designer".
An e-mail from him asked if I was "selling something". I told him no, Firefox is free. And I seriously replied that I have no commercial interest in competition with his business; quite the opposite.
Mark seems to regard failure to adhere to the Gospel of Bill as some sort of heresy, and probably wishes he could issue a fatwa. I'm not so much against Microsoft as I am against people who insist on slavish adherence to the dictates of the Pope of Redmond.
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Steve Caple
Nah, I blamed lazy/cheap business owners/web designers, who design with FrontPage for IE because those programns are a) all they know; and/or b) come bundled with other stuff, so they seem to be "free."
There's nothing wrong with IE's site-reading capability, just with it's openness to exploitation and virus attack - that's why I don't use it.
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Wolf Kirchmeir
Which is why I still love my Amigas. Even today, with Intel CPUs that are hundreds or thousands of times more powerful than the 40 Mhz 68040 in my A4000, it still "feels" like it does a lot of things better than the latest Winslow machines. I use the Winslow machine for net surfing and playing games. The important stuff I do on my Amigas.
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Rick Jones
I know. Mark is NOT Spanky. Spanky is in OKC or thereabouts (so goes the rumor). Mark is in Milwaukee. I've met him at the WISE Division meets (will I ever see him there again?!).
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