'1000' engine pics,

At last, some pics of '1000' engine rally and Anson museum. Well mostly -
the first couple are of the weather in the peaks when we arrived on Friday
evening and the last is of a mini crank-up on Monday after returning home
'in the mood' as it were!
Generally pretty happy with new camera though in some shots the main subject
does seem a bit under exposed - particularly when using flash. No doubt they
could be tweaked on photoshop etc, but would I be better off using spot
metering rather than the default weighted average?
Webshots is a different matter; I started uploading last night somewhat
before Gordon Ramsey came on the TV and finally switched the PC off around
midnight. Then while editing this morning the software fell over twice -
once with a rather worrying message inviting me to reinstall windows -
fortunately restarting the pc got everthing back up and running on both
occasions. I also note that pics which have been rotated or cropped - with
webshots own software mind - no longer display correctly in the preview
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Err, the url would have been useful there wouldn't it:-
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Nick H
Spot metering is useful, but most of my stuff is done at 'standard' settings, although I do use the flash as fill-in, especially at Portland where the sun is particularly bright.
The 'new' camera hasn't been used in anger much, but will be when we go to Portland. Memory sticks have been stocked up, have about 5gb worth of assorted size MS cards between us.
Never liked Webshots in any form, the older Epson site wasn't much better.
Most engine-related websites are still hosted free by Oldengine.org, and I believe that Internal Fire does also. Peter -- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Rushden, UK snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk
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