Bamford EG block wanted

I am looking for a replacement block for my Bamford EG4 (the bore on mine is very heavily pitted, 1/2" wide and upto 1/4" deep, where water has being sat on top of the piston at some time).

Can anybody help

Mike M.


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I'd have thought this block would have been an excellent candidate for resleeving, seems a shame to throw the whole thing away when its only the bore that's knackered. An EG4 block is a not inconsiderable lump of cast iron.....


Philip T-E

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I have considered this, because essentially it is a decent block. It has not other damage and even has the original Bamfords silver medal transfer in reasonable condition (certainly to good to clean up and paint over)

The problem is however he cost of it. It would be more than the engine is worth (or so im told).

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