Big brother Bill is watching.

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It has some useful properties.
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That's quite frightening in a way. I don't think I have anything to hide but I suppose one never knows to what use this information might be put. Whatever happened to the data protection act?
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Nick Highfield
Now we know where the spambots get their information?
Microsoft knowingly list our email addresses in a nice orderly list for them to pick up.
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George Hendry
It makes you wonder how many useless lists of similar information are kept and collated, for what?
Maybe the ISPs use it to decide which NGs to carry, this is about the only useful application I can think of.
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin
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I note that I was 'first seen' 09/05/2002 - shame they don't go back further, say to around 1995...
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Peter Scales
I'm not even on there lol, i'm still fresh blood as far as this newsgroup is concerned :)
Regards Chris
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Chris Crocker - White

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